Girfa Senior Secondary School
An English Medium,Co-Educational Senior Secondary School
Affiliated to CBSE New Delhi to 10+2 Level
Varanasi U.P.

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Q 1 : Is my child allowed to carry money to school?
Ans : Parents are advised not to allow their children to carry money to school.However, students from class I onwards have been assigned particular days in a week when they can spend a
certain amount of money.

Q 2 :
Can my child celebrate his/her birthday?
Ans : A child is allowed to bring just sweets to distribute to other children on the occasion of his/ her birthday. No expensive presents are to be bought under any condition.

Q 3 :
Can my child celebrate his/her birthday?
Ans : A child is allowed to bring just sweets to distribute to other children on the occasion of his/ her birthday. No expensive presents are to be bought under any condition.

Q 4 :
What is the consequence of late deposit of fees?
Ans : Fine rules: Fee can be deposited up to 20th of the first month of the quarter. If a payment is made later than this the fees will be accepted along with a late fine @ Rs.10 per day up to 30th of the first month, failing which the parent will have to pay Rs.500 as fine up till the last day of the second month of that quarter. Even then if the fees are not paid the fine would be Rs.1000 till the last day of the 3rd month of that quarter.

Q 5 :
How do I get in touch with the school authorities /teachers?
Ans : There are several ways of communication with the School. Visit our Contact us page

Q 6 :
What do I need to do if my address has changed?
Ans : Parents are required to inform the School if there is any change in their address and telephone numbers in the prescribed format, available at the School Administrative Office

Q 7 :
How do I recover my child's lost belongings?
Ans : 'Prevention is better than cure' The name, admission number, class and section of the student should be clearly marked on all belongings of the student, e.g, bangs, blazers, sweaters, ties, belts, water bottles, etc. In case your ward has lost her/is belongings, please write to your child's class teacher and get the matter resolved

Q 8 :
Is the child's attendance taken into account for promotion and grading in class?
Ans : For promotion and grading in class at least 80% attendance is compulsory.

Q 9 :
What if my child forgot to carry her/his lunch box?
Ans : Don't worry. If informed in time, the Class Teacher ensures that your child will not go hungry. But, as a matter of principal, we do not allow late meals to be sent from home.

Q 10 :
What are the procedures if my child has to take leave of absence for few days?
Ans : In case leave is required for less than three days, the class teacher can be informed. For longer leave, an application needs to be sent to the Class Teacher and the Head of School should be informed telephonically. Leave application can also be sent through mail in case of sickness/travel such application should also be send along with supporting documents.

Q 11 :
will happen if my child's Identity Card is lost?
Ans : Mutilation resulting from normal wear and tear is replaced with a charge of Rs.10 for sticker and Rs.2 for plastic cover.

Q 12 :
Can my child's bus stop be changed?
Ans : Requests for change can be considered for exceptional cases and if there is a change of residence. The change will be subject to vacancy in the bus opted for. These changes can be availed of when applied for in the proper format at the School Administrative Office.

Q 13 :
Is my child permitted to board another bus if s/he has missed her/his designated bus?
Ans : Absolutely not. Under no circumstances will the child be allowed to board another bus. Parents are strongly advised not to pursue another bus driver or bus in-charge for this.

Q 14 :
Are latecomers allowed to attend class?
Ans : No.

Q 14 :
Who ensures the safety of my child in the bus?
Ans : Trained guards maintain discipline in the bus. In fact Girfa Senior Secondary School buses conform to strict guidelines issued/laid down by the Supreme Court. Additionally, all buses are equipped with mobile phones to be used by the school authorities in case of an emergency.

Q 15 :
Does my child need any extra helping her/his academic work?
Ans : If by this you imply 'tuition', the answer is a very emphatic NO. The only assistance s/he requires is your monitoring. The academic plan followed at Girfa Senior Secondary School has been designed to make your child self sufficient in her/his studies. If needed, the school provides the necessary inputs for slow learners and for children with special abilities.

Q 16 :
Can we be provided the school bus mobile phone number?
Ans : On principal, no one is provided the bus mobile phone numbers. In case you need to provide any urgent last minute information, you can ring up the School Administrative Office and your message will be conveyed to the bus in-charge of your child's bus.
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